Electrical Plants Maintenance

There is need for companies that own power transformers/substations to periodically test, repair and maintain these equipment as breakdown could prove to be very costly. We do have in our workshop equipment and know how to install, commission, repair and carry out tests on power transformers, circuit breakers (oil, vacuum and ST6), both indoor and outdoor switchgears.

a)          Power Transformers

  • We do installation resistance test and high voltage winding test with respect to earth and low voltage winding.
  • Functional and operational test on bucholz relays, load tap changers and   replacement of silica gel.
  • A complete analysis of transformer oil by testing for dielectric strength, moisture contents, acidity value and dissolved gas analysis tests. We also carry out oil purification if the above tests fail.
  • Check voltage ratio of transformer windings.
b)         Relays
  • We carry out functional and operational tests, set and calibrate the overcurrent and earth fault relays.

c)         Battery charger and batteries

  • We do load check on the batteries, specific gravity of each cell, check volts per cell, top up the electrolyte level and general cleaning.