Infrared Inspection Services

We carry out non-destructive testing using an Infrared Camera to look for abnormalities in both Electrical and Mechanical systems for purposes of preventive and predictive maintenance.  We are able to predict component failure before it causes a breakdown.


  1. Hot spots in a system translate into energy loses which would otherwise have been put into more useful work.  The higher the number of identified hot spots in a system the higher the energy losses thereby resulting in higher utility (electricity) bills.
  2. When a component failure is predicted you save on;

- cost of replacing the failed component.
- costly emergency overtime.
- costly emergency breakdown.

In electrical systems for instance, the camera can detect a dangerously hot connection, a loose connection or an overloaded circuit that cannot be seen by the naked eye. The detected faults in form of images and their description are then printed out for the client together with our recommendations.  This is done on the entire electrical network right from the incoming supply cables or overhead conductors, substations/transformers, switchgear to electrical panels and machines.

In mechanical system we are able to detect abnormalities in mechanical systems that among others include machine bearings, rollers, gear alignment, leakage from heat and liquid flow, boilers, steam traps coupling compressors, generators, motors etc.